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Mole Removal

Mole Removal services offered in Worcester, MA

Moles aren’t normally harmful, but they’re frequently uncomfortable or unsightly. At The Dermatology Center of Worcester, in Worcester, Massachusetts, the team of knowledgeable dermatology professionals offers convenient mole removal in the office. With their surgical expertise, you can count on fast mole removal that leaves minimal scarring behind. Book your appointment online or schedule a consultation by calling the office now.

Mole Removal Q&A

What is mole removal?

Moles can vary in appearance, but most are small, round, and range in color from pink to brown. Mole removal is a minor procedure to remove this type of skin growth in The Dermatology Center of Worcester office. 

When might I need mole removal?

While most moles aren’t harmful, they might require removal if they meet the following criteria:

Suspicious appearance

If a mole appears suddenly, grows rapidly, or changes in color or shape, it’s called an atypical mole. The team often recommends removing this type of mole to check it for skin cancer or other abnormalities (a skin biopsy). If the mole is cancerous, removing it completely along with some bordering tissues can be an effective skin cancer cure.


Some moles may occur in an uncomfortable area. For example, you might have a mole that constantly rubs against your shirt collar. Mole removal is a quick and permanent solution.

Unattractive appearance

If you find your mole unattractive or feel that it detracts from your appearance, mole removal can give you a great confidence boost and help you like the way you look. 

If you’re not sure whether you need a mole removal procedure, the team is happy to discuss your situation and treatment goals to help you decide.

How does mole removal work?

There are two types of mole removal, including: 

Surgical shave

A surgical shave uses a surgical blade to cut the mole off the top layers of your skin. The team may use a tiny electrode to lightly mold the borders of the wound after removing the mole to diminish scarring. You may need a topical chemical to stop the bleeding but won’t need stitches with this type of mole removal. 


Surgical excision

A surgical excision is a more in-depth mole removal that cuts the entire mole out, down to the fatty layer under the skin. Because this type of excision removes more tissue, you’ll need a couple of stitches to close the wound. As with a surgical shave, the team makes every effort to minimize scarring. 

Your mole may go to the lab to check for skin cancer and other abnormalities. Should these tests show cancerous cells, the team will monitor your skin closely to make sure they removed all the dangerous cells.

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