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Oily skin, hormone fluctuations, and other factors can lead to acne, an inflammatory condition of the skin. The expert dermatologists at The Dermatology Center of Worcester in Worcester, Massachusetts, provide professional medical care for severe acne that doesn’t just go away on its own. If you’re interested in exploring your options for acne treatment, call The Dermatology Center of Worcester or book an appointment online today.

Acne Q&A

What is acne?

Acne is a common skin condition that many people have during puberty. While it’s most prevalent among adolescents, you can have acne at any age, including infancy. You get pimples when the hair follicles in your skin clog with debris like dirt and natural oils. If bacteria enter the area, it can cause redness and uncomfortable inflammation.

Your acne can take on several different features, including whiteheads, blackheads, papules on the surface, and cysts deep inside your skin. When it eventually goes away, acne can leave behind acne scars as evidence of the inflammation that was there. You can’t always avoid acne scars, but you can minimize your risk by not picking or popping your acne. 

Most acne doesn’t require treatment and goes away on its own eventually. However, a medical dermatologist can provide care for cystic or severe acne. The team at The Dermatology Center of Worcester is available to examine your skin, find out the cause of your acne, and develop a personalized treatment plan. 

What contributes to acne?

Numerous factors may contribute to your acne. While not every breakout has an identifiable cause, factors that tend to worsen acne or cause breakouts include:

  • Hormones (e.g., puberty, menstruation)
  • Certain medications
  • Oily cosmetics
  • Certain foods and diets

In some cases, friction contributes to acne. If you often wear a bike helmet, for example, the helmet rubbing against your forehead might lead to some pimples and irritation in the area. 

How can I get rid of my acne?

The Dermatology Center of Worcester provides highly effective acne care using the most advanced treatments and medications. Your treatment largely depends on the severity of your breakout. 

The team may recommend over-the-counter products containing milder ingredients like benzoyl peroxide. They might also suggest you alter certain daily habits. If you get acne because of a medication you take, for example, you might be able to replace, reduce, or stop taking the medication if your doctor allows it. 

Severe acne needs more intensive care than you can get at your local drugstore. The Dermatology Center of Worcester often treats severe and long-lasting acne with Accutane®, a powerful medication containing vitamin A. You can use Accutane under a dermatologist’s close supervision if your acne hasn’t responded to milder treatment. 

To find out more about acne and what you can do to clear your skin, call The Dermatology Center of Worcester or schedule an appointment online today.


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