Jennifer Carlson, Aesthetician

in Worcester, MA

Jennifer  Carlson
Integrated Dermatology of Worcester welcomes Jennifer Carlson.

Jennifer Carlson is a Certified Aesthetician. Jennifer has been providing aesthetics services to clients for over 18 years.   She specializes in a wide range of corrective skin care, aesthetics, body, and laser treatments. Jenifer also has a focus in acne treatment, helping patients properly manage and maintain their complexion. Working closely with the dermatologist, she can assist in all areas of clients treatment, from in-office treatment to home care recommendations.  Jennifer offers effective services to assist clients in managing the health of their skin, including peels, microdermabrasion, clinical facials and light therapy treatments.  

Jennifer, stays updated with skin care development and continues to expand her knowledge of aesthetics by attending annual conventions, seminars and lectures. She is dedicated to remaining current on Aesthetics industry progresss.  Jennifer also values the longterm relationships that she has developed with many of her clients and while providing with the best services available. Make an Appointment today.